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We know the Negative Pressure process because we invented it 30 years ago.

Manufacturer of negative pressure temperature controllers.


The reason that fluid leaks out from inside of a mold is because the pressure of the fluid inside is greater than the pressure of the air outside.  If you had a small hole on a hose, for example, and the pressure of the air pushing in on it was strong enough, it would keep the fluid inside the hose.  Since it is impractical to increase the pressure of the atmosphere, a Logic Corporation unit provides a way to decrease the pressure of the fluid to the point where the air holds it in.  When using a "Leak Stopper", the fluid is pulled through a mold to lower pressure.  In all other circulating systems the fluid is pushed through, which increases pressure.  Regulating the fluid pressure to a mold does not necessarily reduce the fluid flow.  Because Logic Corporation's unit draws a vacuum on the "FROM MOLD" line, the over-all pressure drop remains the same or even increases.  This means that there is no loss of cooling flow and in some cases it  may even be improved.

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