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Logic Seal Units
All Open Loop
LS-100-1 Voltage Single Phase 4.7GPM 100 PSI Drain Pressure Maximum
LS-100-3 Voltage Three Phase 4.7GPM 100 PSI Drain Pressure Maximum
LS-300-1 Voltage Single Phase 15GPM 40 PSI Drain Pressure Maximum
LS-300-3 Voltage Three Phase 15GPM 40 PSI Drain Pressure Maximum
LS-400-3 Voltage Three Phase 24GPM 40 PSI Drain Pressure Maximum
LS-500-3 Voltage Three Phase 53GPM 40 PSI Drain Pressure Maximum
Logic Seal Options
Mold Circuit Flow Meter
All Closed Loop
Vac-U-Temp Units – With Heaters
VT-1800-3 Voltage Three Phase 22GPM 200 F Maximum Temperature
VT-2600-3 Voltage Three Phase 50GPM 260 F Maximum Temperature
VT-3000-3 Voltage Three Phase 50GPM 300 F Maximum Temperature
VT-26-100-3 Voltage Three Phase 100GPM 260 F Maximum Temperature
Vac-U-Temp Units –Without Heaters, for processes running up to 120®
These are not cooling units and will operate within 2® of your process fluid
VT-1800-1C Voltage Single Phase 22GPM
VT-1800-3C Voltage Three Phase 37GPM 1" plumbing and regulator
VT-2600-3C Voltage Three Phase 50GPM 5.6sqft Heat Exchanger
Vac-U-Temp Unit Options
12kW Heater (6kW is Standard) (Opt 2)
Mold Air Purge Valve (Opt 3)
5.6SF Heat Exchanger (3.2 is Standard) (Opt 6)
Cooling Flow Safety Signal (VT-26-100/VT-3000 only) (Opt 18)
Over/Under Temperature Alarm (Opt 19)
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