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Inventor of the Logic Seal


In Feb. 2011 inventor of the Logic Seal,  Mr. Paul E. Allen announced his retirement.  He has 43 patents with 29 directly related to the plastics industry. Many of these inventions have increased the productivity of injection molds as well as increasing the quality of their molded products.  By constantly improving the plastic molding process for over 50 years, together with his high degree of dedication to the industry, he is well respected and well known in the industry for his knowledge and innovation. Mr. Allen’s contributions have made it possible for the industry to thrive and grow from his inventions.

 Mr. Allen graduated from the University of Bridgeport, CT with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and worked at Remington Electric Shavers in Bridgeport where he was involved in the design and development of components, especially plastic parts, for electric shavers. After Remington he spent approximately four years at the Woodstream Corporation in Lititz, PA where he worked in the design and development of recreational products that included a battery operated fishing reel.  After Woodstream, he moved back to CT where he was employed at Thor Plastics - a small Plastic Injection Molding company in Newtown that he intended to purchase.  However, in 1969 he decided to start his own Injection Molding Company; Allen Molders, Inc.  This is where he discovered many ways to improve the Plastic Injection Molding Process and over time developed and patented his inventions that included the Logic Seal.

 In his many years of service, the efforts and hard work he has taken on behalf of Logic cannot be measured.  Mr. Allen is now retiring with the respect he deserves and he will be greatly missed.  All of us wish him the best of health and happiness and were honored to have him as our President and now as our CEO Emeritus.   

 Logic Corporation, to better service our customers and employees, will in the near future move to a more central location, and we are looking forward to the future.







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